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We have had so many happy stories about cats being reunited with their owners due to them being microchipped.

As we all know some cats just won't wear a collar and if they go missing there is no way of identifying them.

All vets and registered animal charities have scanners and if a cat is brought in as a stray or has been involved in a road accident, they can contact the owners immediately, saving lots of stress and strife.

In the worst case scenario that a cat is found dead, local council road and highways departments have scanners and will also be able to contact owners.

Please keep your contact details up-to-date, especially if you move house or change your telephone number.

In the past few years of managing our 'Lost & Found' pages we have seen a rise in cats that are microchipped being successfully reunited if not within hours, a few days and even more remarkably are the stories of cats who have been missing months and months, some even several years.

When eventully the cat is taken by some kindly person to a vet, they have been scanned and soon after, reunited. Some having travelled half way across England due to jumping into open vans!!

* An added benefit of having your cat microchipped is that they now make catflaps that only allow your cats in, you just program their personal microchip number in and voila no more unwanted kitties spraying or eating your cat's food in your home.

Microchip catflaps are now easily available online and in most pet shops.

The one below has been bought by several of our volunteer/cat owners and they all think it is amazing!

Petporte - Radio Systems Petsafe Europe Ltd - Contact UK 0800 046 1414

Petporte Smart FlapĀ® Microchip Cat Flap

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