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The Last Will of a Pet

The Last Will of a Pet

(Author Unknown)

My dear “Mother”, my dear “Father',

My Person whom I love more than anything in the World!


Do you remember when and where we met the first time?

Do you remember how happy we have been and how much we have loved each other?


Even if you thought you had decided to adopt me

the truth is : I adopted YOU!!

I came to you because I wanted to come to you.

The sense of my life was to make you happy!


I know sometimes I was naughty and you were upset,

I know times were hard when I got old and sick -

but we always cared for each other.


Thank you for the home you gave me,

Thank you for the love you gave me.

Unfortunately my time is now over,

and I have to go.

This time you cannot come with me,

I have to leave without you.

I know that you are sad and you wanted me to stay, but there was no possibility.

I am free now - and without pain.

And even when you do not see me day by day,

I will not leave you.

I am still alive - in your heart and in the Land of the Rainbows.


The love we shared will always be our bond until we meet again.


My last will is not to leave my place empty.

Let another animal enter your house and your heart.

Keep the love for me in your heart, because this love keeps me alive - forever.

You must know that I will always love you.

Because of this it is so important for me that my place at your side is not empty.


With a new friend you show me that our being together was important for you, too.


Do not say : there is so much pain now that I have died and you don’t want to go through it again.

Would you swap this pain and your grief for the price that you would lose our love and the memories of the time we spent together?


Do not say you are too old, you cannot take responsibility.

There are many old cats in this world. Nobody wants to give them love for the short time that is left for them.


Do not say that you have loved too much, it would be a betrayal.

The new friend will not extinguish our love. He will honour it.


Because you have loved me so much, it would be so sad if nobody else could have your loving heart.


The place that I had in your heart - is mine forever.

But I want to see you happy again!


This is why I want to give everything I owned in this world away :

my bed, the bowls that were always full, the caring hands.


I want to give everything to a poor soul that nobody wants to love.

An animal that was abandoned by people without a heart,

a baby or an old animal.

My last will is :

Give all this to an animal that urgently needs it.


I love you and I’m waiting for you.


Your Friend

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