Lost Cats - Cats Currently Lost
Please call - 01273 422721 if you recognise any cat here!
They are all very dear pets and are sadly missed, any information that could shed some light on the whereabouts of these poor cats would be very much appreciated.

The dates given below the Lost cats pictures are the dates the cats details are added to our website and not the date it went missing, Please click on an individual cats photo for full details

In order to avoid crank calls, which can be very distressing to someone who has lost a cat, we don't include telephone numbers in this list. In the event that a cat is found and is being fed by a kind person somewhere we will, with permission, give the owners of the cat the persons contact details for the cat to be collected. If this isn't feasible we will immediately collect the cat and contact the owners. Many Thanks!
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17th April, 2019

Captain Black

14th April, 2019


13th April, 2019


2nd April, 2019


2nd April, 2019

Charlie Brown

27th March, 2019


27th March, 2019


25th March, 2019


25th March, 2019


25th March, 2019
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