Kitty Heaven

Without Tom Tom this rescue would never have taken off, so we all owe him a big thanks and hold him dearly in our hearts and so for this reason we share this eternal flame in loving memory of his lfe.

Ten years ago, Ron's friends lost their cat and back then he offerred to go out each day and night with them to call and search for him but sadly he has never been found.

However, whilst on their search in the the local cemetery Ron spotted Tom Tom in a tree and after a few days returning each day to leave food he realised he must be a stray. So decided to take him home, he put posters up but no-one reclaimed him.

Tom Tom had a wonderful life and home for ten years and is sorely missed by those that had the pleasure of knowing him - A Number One Top Cat

So from one little cat being saved Ron's life changed forever and he started up LostCatsBrighton

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