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Nina and Katinka update
Author: Alex Knutsen from Brighton and all over the South East
Fri, 03 Aug 2018

Update on my post from June 2016.

Denise, my wife, passed away in 7th July 2018 - like Ron, her cancer was terminal. However, these two Maine Coons were a source of great joy in the final 3 years of her life - sadly Nina also passed a couple of weeks before Denise (Nina was her constant companion, Tinka her guard dog, well, cat!!).

Tinka, is now a fine and beautiful older lady, for me, missing two members of her family, but we are getting through our loss.

At Denise's "celebration" (not funeral or service) and "After Party" (not wake) we collected for Lost Cats - no idea how much, but quite a lot of notes were stuffed into the 3 collection boxes by Denise's friends and family. And she was with us, smiling, and as always, wishing the best for her furry friends who arrived at cat paradise - our house!!

Alex Knutsen


Author: Elaine from Brighton
Fri, 08 Jul 2016

I came to LostCats, looking for a youngish male that wouldn't make the brother of a cat we'd just lost feel threatened or bullied

The team suggested Peanut, he arrived at 3 months old with 2 siblings. His siblings had been adopted, he'd been left behind and was clearly unhappy but very affectionate. He was 8mths old, hiding curled up in a cat bed. We couldn't really see him but could reach in & tickle him, which he allowed. When we took our hands away a paw shot out of the bed as if to claw them back. That was it, we were in love

4.5yrs later, we still are & after a slightly fractious first meeting, he is best friends with our other cat. This was helped by the fact that Peanut was so happy to see another cat that he showered him in love & affection & won him round

Peanut has been such a wonderful addition to our household. Thank you to everyone at LostCats for allowing us to have him & for all the fab work that you do. X

Katinka and Nina
Author: Alex Knutsen from brighton
Fri, 17 Jun 2016

Hi All - we met Lost Cats at Tesco's in Hove and made the mistake of listening to you about two Maine Coons (we were vulnerable, having lost the last of our 3 cats a few months before).

We took them home last November - they are mad.....they have taken over the house (as I sit here typing Nina is harassing me for attention).....but most of all, the breeds title of "gentle giants" is well deserved. Both have looked after my wife, during the depths of her chemo treatment, sleeping with her, entertaining, making us both laugh when we could have cried. Tinka thinks she is a dog and will fetch bits of paper, including my prescription, appearing at the sitting room door with it, and looking extremely pleased with herself!! They had their problems from how they had been treated before, but nearly all of the hiding, nervousness, and the rest has now gone. So glad we came to you - so glad we have the two of them.

Author: Solera
Fri, 04 Dec 2015

Elfie (formerly Sophie) and I have just passed our 3 month anniversary. I was told that she might cry the first night but instead of that she spent most of the time racing up and down the short corridor in my flat. Three times she meowed and I got up to see that she was ok, and each time she looked absolutely thrilled to see me. I woke up to her looking over me and purring. Now she welcomes me every time I come home... rushes to sit on me most of the time I sit down, follows me into the kitchen and bathroom, and jumps on my shoulders if she thinks I have been playing at the computer too long. She purrs at least once a day, is nearly all black and is amazing. Xx

Author: Susan Reid from shoreham
Tue, 01 Dec 2015

Hi I picked up my cat coconut yesterday the 30th of November and we are so happy with her . She craves attention night and day and were loving it . I would recommend anyone looking for a cat try Lostcats of Brighton they make sure they go to good homes

Author: Christine Nabbs from Portslade
Sun, 24 May 2015

We took on Freddie just over a year after losing our lovely Wilf - also a Lost Cats stray. Freddie has settled in really well and has just starting communicating, although not quite a meow yet. He now sits on my lap and the bed and sees off the other cats who come into our garden.

Thank you for bringing Freddie into our lives

Author: Ros Preston from Hove
Thu, 23 Apr 2015

Thanks so much lost cats. After 2 false alarms and 10 days Merlin is home. First call turned out to be a stone owl and the second involved taking the wrong identical cat to the emergency vet! Even the vet couldn't believe how alike Merlin and he were. Pure black, same weight, etc. he was also lost. Both now back home luxuriating in extra food, cuddles and love.


Coco, his sister is not so sure!


Lovely family found him and promptly made himself at home.


Thank you again lost cats.

Author: Suzanne Tuck from Worthing
Sun, 09 Nov 2014



When Pip first arrived at our home she was hiding in the smallest of places, she even managed to get herself into a closed draw from underneath the coffee table. Gradually she gained our trust. Now she is a fun kitten who charges round the house and loves cuddles and kisses. Pip can't help but steal pens and chase them around hall as well as watch our gerbils run around. She is one of the best things that has happened to this family.


Thank you lost cats of Brighton for letting us have such an adorable kitten and helping us get over the passing of our old cat.

Author: Roger Davis
Sun, 26 Oct 2014

RIP little lady

sad day for you all for sure.

Author: Steve from Hove
Thu, 09 Oct 2014

A quick update on the lovely Bella with the golden nose. We adopted her from you in March this year. She has settled in so well after a few heart in mouth moments the first time she disappeared over the garden fence. Luckily she came back and has turned into such a loving adorable cat.

She is always waiting for us when we get home, with loads of purring and rubbing round the legs. She loves nothing more than playing with her toy mouse.

Thank you for bringing Bella into our life's. She is one adorable happy pussy cat.

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