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Katinka and Nina
Author: Alex Knutsen from brighton
Fri, 17 Jun 2016

Hi All - we met Lost Cats at Tesco's in Hove and made the mistake of listening to you about two Maine Coons (we were vulnerable, having lost the last of our 3 cats a few months before).

We took them home last November - they are mad.....they have taken over the house (as I sit here typing Nina is harassing me for attention).....but most of all, the breeds title of "gentle giants" is well deserved. Both have looked after my wife, during the depths of her chemo treatment, sleeping with her, entertaining, making us both laugh when we could have cried. Tinka thinks she is a dog and will fetch bits of paper, including my prescription, appearing at the sitting room door with it, and looking extremely pleased with herself!! They had their problems from how they had been treated before, but nearly all of the hiding, nervousness, and the rest has now gone. So glad we came to you - so glad we have the two of them.

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