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Author: Elaine from Brighton
Fri, 08 Jul 2016

I came to LostCats, looking for a youngish male that wouldn't make the brother of a cat we'd just lost feel threatened or bullied

The team suggested Peanut, he arrived at 3 months old with 2 siblings. His siblings had been adopted, he'd been left behind and was clearly unhappy but very affectionate. He was 8mths old, hiding curled up in a cat bed. We couldn't really see him but could reach in & tickle him, which he allowed. When we took our hands away a paw shot out of the bed as if to claw them back. That was it, we were in love

4.5yrs later, we still are & after a slightly fractious first meeting, he is best friends with our other cat. This was helped by the fact that Peanut was so happy to see another cat that he showered him in love & affection & won him round

Peanut has been such a wonderful addition to our household. Thank you to everyone at LostCats for allowing us to have him & for all the fab work that you do. X

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