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Nina and Katinka update
Author: Alex Knutsen from Brighton and all over the South East
Fri, 03 Aug 2018

Update on my post from June 2016.

Denise, my wife, passed away in 7th July 2018 - like Ron, her cancer was terminal. However, these two Maine Coons were a source of great joy in the final 3 years of her life - sadly Nina also passed a couple of weeks before Denise (Nina was her constant companion, Tinka her guard dog, well, cat!!).

Tinka, is now a fine and beautiful older lady, for me, missing two members of her family, but we are getting through our loss.

At Denise's "celebration" (not funeral or service) and "After Party" (not wake) we collected for Lost Cats - no idea how much, but quite a lot of notes were stuffed into the 3 collection boxes by Denise's friends and family. And she was with us, smiling, and as always, wishing the best for her furry friends who arrived at cat paradise - our house!!

Alex Knutsen


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