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Our Costs
We have on more than one occasion, been asked why there is a mimimum donation per cat or kitten and even had people query that we ask for any money at all.

While we feel that we have nothing at all to justify, we do feel that it would be of interest to our prospective owners (and all cat lovers in Brighton) to know the charges and costs incurred for the veterinary treatment we provide for our cats.  We provide this treatment as we believe in homing healthy cats and would never want to lumber a new owner with unforeseen vets bills soon after adopting their new feline friend.

Our Best Case Scenario is to take in a cat for rehoming who is already neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated (with certificate) and in a healthy condition. Our costs in this case are quite low but sadly this hardly ever happens. 

All our cats are given a vet consultation, neutered if required, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead, & micro-chipped

We have a No-Kill policy which means that very often we run at a massive loss per cat and it is for this reason that we must insist on the minimum donation.

Of course many of our new owners do give more than the minimum donation and we are extremely grateful for that. Every bit does help and we thank all of our kind supporters for helping us to make up the difference.

Without outside help like this we would never be able to provide the care that we do and would face the awful decision to have an otherwise healthy cat put to sleep simply because it’s vets bill would be too high to cover with the donation we would receive when homing it.

All cats are beautiful and deserve a chance at a new and happy life and we will never put a cat to sleep if it can be treated and go on to find happiness in a new home.
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