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About the Website

About The Website

This site aims to be a comprehensive ‘Lost and Found’ list for cats in Brighton and the surrounding areas and a Showcase for the cats in our care who are looking for new homes.

We are local to Brighton and have run the 'Lost & Found' list since 2000. The site is updated daily. The service has evolved from the experience of two friends losing two very special cats: Fuzzy and Darcy.

Our 'Lost your cat' page?

We all appreciate the anguish of losing a cat and, hopefully, the following pages will provide guidance on what to do if your cat is missing.

It is FREE to put your cat's details on the site.

To add your ‘Lost’ cats details to our website, just email us your cats details to
Please supply your contact number, your details are kept private and are only used for us to contact you in relation to your missing cat'
and send it to the above email address along with a photo. Please include details such as age, area lost, description of collar if wearing one, if neutered and microchipped when reporting your cat lost. To manage our web pages and to free up space, if after 3-6 months we have not heard from you to say your cat has returned it’s details will be removed, so please email and let us know if you need your cats details to remain on our website.

All we ask is that you tell us if your cat returns or call us after 3 months to keep your cat on the site.


Please consider these kitty's owners before permanently adopting a stray in your area, it is likely to be a very much loved pet, it might be a small childs pet or an elderly persons companion.

So, if you have a cat that you wish to report as found which has turned up in your garden or area, please email us a photo and details and we will add them to our Website and Facebook page to try and locate owners.

If you wish to look after the cat personally whilst we try to locate it's owners rather than bring it to us add a contact number and 'your details are kept private and are only used for us to contact you in relation to your missing cat'

If after 30 days the owners have not come forward and you wish to give the cat a home then please get in contact with us and we will look into adopting the cat to you.

Please however be mindful that if the cat is not claimed within that period and we do adopt the cat to you, but then the owners come forward within a few weeks/months of the cat being adopted, we would like to be able to contact yourselves to ask if you would consider returning the cat, as at the end of the day most times it is not the owners fault that it had gone missing. We would then be happy to help you adopt another deserving cat from our rescue.

Many Thanks From the LostCatsBrighton Team

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