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Have you lost your cat? - Advice



1. Try not to panic.

2. First of all you must search around the home — in cupboards, under beds, behind furniture, in a washing machine or tumble drier, laundry basket, the cellar, loft space etc. Outside in your shed and garage, greenhouse, compost bin, even your car, including in the wheel arches and engine compartment. Cats like to seek out warm, dark places to hide sometimes, so look in even the most unlikely places.

3. If your cat has been missing for an unusual period of time, and you have hunted everywhere in your house and outbuildings, then it’s time to begin your search:
  • Ask neighbours if they have seen your missing cat and persuade them to look in their sheds and garages.

  • Create a poster and missing cat notices to drop through letterboxes.
    Provide much the same details as that of the leaflet. Print 'LOST' in large letters and make the photo big. It needs to make passers-by stop and read it. Pin them (with permission) in Post Offices, outside schools, bus shelters, launderettes, pubs, vet notice boards etc. If your cat has been spotted include a map and show clearly where he was last seen and when.

  • Search surrounding areas with another person, taking your cat’s favourite treats with you. If searching late at night when the traffic is quiet (Always go with someone for the safety aspect) Decide on an area you want to cover, walk to that boundary WITHOUT calling your cats name, once you are ready to walk back towards your home, then start calling, this way if your cat hears your voice, you are leading it back towards your home rather than away from it.
  • Put a piece of clothing outside your house with your scent on. You can do this by rubbing it against your skin and then enhancing it with your perfume/aftershave. If your cat uses a blanket, you can also use this item, even tie your sock or a rag, which you have slept on where the cat was last seen. Your cat will recognise your smell.“If your cat has become disorientated and lost then it will be able to use the scent to find its way home,”
  • If you do not have a cat flap, leave somewhere dry and warm for the cat to shelter. Place a small amount of his/her used cat litter in your garden or near your door.
  • Call local veterinary surgeries and animal shelters to see if your cat has been taken in. The RSPCA hold healthy stray cats for just seven days before they start to rehome them.

  • Phone your local council to see if they have taken any stray cats to an animal shelter or found any cats on the road. While distressing, it is helpful in tracking down your cat and gaining closure. Have a friend with you when you call, or ask them to phone for you.

  • Ask your local postman and milkman to look out for your cat on their rounds. They cover a wide area and so may have seen your missing cat.

  • Send information to local newspapers and radio stations as they may be able to give your cat a mention.

5. If your cat is chipped notify the microchip company that the cat is lost. Always remember to change your address with the microchip company if you move! PLEASE DON’T FORGET! not having up to date contact details prelongs being reunited with your cat.

6. Offer a reward for your cats safe return, but don’t be specific about what it is. It could just be a box of chocolates or flowers — £50 max.

7. Advertise your lost cat in the local paper. This expense may be covered by your pet insurance.

8. Do not give up hope. Cats have been known to return months later

E-mail us a photo/s including the following details to
  • Name of Cat
  • Road name/area your cat has gone missing from
  • Date you last saw your cat.
  • If wearing a collar, describe colour, style and if has a tag or not
  • Approximate age, sex of cat, if neutered, if microchipped
  • If you do not have a very clear photo of your cat, please describe any distinguishing colourings or features, if long or short haired, any scars etc and approximate build.
  • If sending in a photo please ensure where possible that it is in jpeg format and is of a decent size as small photos when uploaded are very difficult to see.
  • A contact phone number, in case we receive a call from someone stating they have, or have seen your cat *
* So often people forget to supply us with a phone or mobile number, of course we will notify by email if we dont have a contact number but this just delays us notifying you as quickly as possible of a possible sighting.

Also try calling

Vets in the area:

City Cat Shelter - 01273 606843

RSPCA Patcham - 01273 554218 (H/ O– 08705555999)

* Cat Protection League - 01273 279138

* Brighton Council - 01273 290000 inform receptionist it is regarding your lost cat and they will put you through to relevant department

‘Worthing Cat Welfare’ like us are aware that there are a great many unneutered/unspayed pusscats going awol when on heat, so that when people lose their pusscats they often don't realise how big an area they need to cover, especially as there has been an increase in cats getting into delivery vans etc and ending up in completely different areas, so we are hoping that by “spreading the net” to a wider area, it will give owners the best possible chance of re-uniting with their loved cats/kittens etc:

For Mid-Sussex try our friends at ‘Paws & Claws’ Animal Rescue:

National Pet Register:

Other Useful Sites:

A wonderful forum for cat-lovers nationwide:

‘Purrs In Our Hearts’ is a great cat oriented site with many helpful members:

For Sussex area ‘Get Set Pet’ is devoted to providing good pet parenting by offering impartial information to your local services, to support you in caring for your pets. And are dedicated to raising local awareness of the remarkable work that so many rescue centres and volunteers do across the country and will try their best to help:

We hope that all the above information will help in reuniting you with your lost cat

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