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  • Barnaby
  • Status:Lost
  • Lost:3rd December, 2019
  • Days Missing:

Area Lost

Greenbank Avenue, Saltdean

About Barnaby

Barnaby has been missing for over 5 months now. His owner's sister spotted him about a month ago on a bit of wild nature land next to Arlington Gardens bus stop in Saltdean, 5 minutes from his home - but he ran away. He is possibly being fed by a neighbour.
Do you know anyone who is feeding a 'stray' or has maybe taken in a cat thinking it's a stray?

We received the following details from Barnaby's worried owner
Barnaby is a large, recently adopted fluffy black and white male, missing from Greenbank Avenue (near Arlington Gardens, backing onto Heathfield Avenue) for last 10 days. He is a rescue boy, very recently adopted, quite timid, has only just started to settle into his new home before managing to get outside, he does not know area. Owners have leafleted neighbours and put posters up locally. Barnaby is neutered and microchipped, no collar.

Please help us to reunite Barnaby by checking bushes, gardens, sheds, garages, basements etc and if you do see him, Please contact us on 01273 422721, Thank You

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